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Foot dart is the newest game in town bringing an addition to the game of darts.

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Foot dart is the newest game in town bringing an addition to the game of darts. The game has the same rules as the popular dart game with the only different being that you play it with your foot.

Foot dart is made up of a huge inflatable board of different sizes and colors together with Velcro balls. Players have to kick the balls and hit a specific target on the board. Points are earned depending on where the ball lands with players earning more points when the ball hits a target closer to the bull’s eye. The game is an incredible way to improve football accuracy for soccer lovers out there and still get a fantastic way to interact with friends.

The outdoor game can be played across all ages with portable materials that you can move easily to a desired location. If you are holding any outdoor event such as a birthday party, get together, conferences, team building or just a fun time with friends, foot dart provides the perfect entertainment method that keeps everyone involved.

Size: 5.5m or can be Customized
Material: PVC tarpaulin or Oxford
Tensile strength: More than 2000N/50mm
Tear strength: More than 200N/50mm
Adhesion of coating strength: More than 80N/50mm
Packing: Inflatable packed in strong PVC tarpaulin bags,blowers packed in cartons
Warranty: More than 2 years


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