3 Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Learning How to Play Bubble Soccer

3 Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Learning How to Play Bubble Soccer

If you’re a beginner, it might be difficult for you to enjoy it because you do not know the tips and tricks of playing soccer ball. So you need to learn before throwing yourself into the field to engage with other players.

The following are 3 attentions of playing bubble football:

1. Do Not Carry Any Sharp Trinkets or Objects to the Bubble Football Game

It’s a general requirement that when going to play bubble soccer, you should not carry keys, sharp trinkets or any other sharp objects. This is simply to ensure your bubble is not pierced and/or remains intact throughout the game once it has been inflated. As a matter of safety, all players should be checked before engaging in any bubble soccer game.


2. Paying Attention to both the Soccer Ball and Players

In a bubble soccer game, it’s only the ball that can score point and make your team win. But chasing after the ball and forgetting about the opponents can jeopardize your chances of you scoring. Paying attention to both the ball and opponents will help you maneuver and score easily without getting knocked down. Be sure to mark your opponents and brace for the impact in order to remain on your feet.


3. Attention to Guarding the Goal Post

Majority of soccer ball players are usually caught up in the excitement of the game and often forget to guard their goal post against scoring. While targeting to score more goals against the opponents, always remember put yourself in defense position in order to block the long shots that might come from any part of the field. You should understand that alongside having fun on the field, you need to score for your team and defend in order to impress your supporters.



These are some of the major tips and tricks you need to follow, if you are to enjoy a more fulfilling bubble soccer game play. It’s not advisable for you to engage in bubble soccer football if you’re suffering from heart disease, high-blood pressure or asthma. That’s because bubble soccer involves bumping and bouncing (which can sometimes be intense) and may cause worsening of the conditions.

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